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Dryer Vent Cleaning


If this is your first time being introduced to dryer vent cleaning, then you may ask yourself "why does my dryer vent need cleaned"?


We wrote this brief informative article on dryer vent cleaning to help you understand the importance of cleaning dryer vents. 


A Clean Dryer Vent Saves You Money


Everyone wants to spend less money on their utility bills. Some of the most common household bills that increase from dirty dryer vents are the electrical bill and heating bill, depending on whether you have an electric or gas dryer.


Let me explain:


It is common knowledge that dryer lint screens need to be cleaned off before drying clothes. However, many people do not know about cleaning dryer vents or dryer exhaust systems/pipes. A dryer's exhaust system can be plugged by lint and debris, just like a lint screen, but it isn't as easy to clean.


The dryer's exhaust system is created to let the hot moist air escape the dryer. If the moisture cannot escape the dryer, then the clothes will not dry as fast. Thus the dryer will need to run for longer in order to properly dry the laundry. The longer your dryer has to run the more your utility bills go up.


A Clean Dryer Vent prolongs the life of your dryer


If your dryer has to run longer and hotter in order to clean a load of laundry, then its lifespan will decrease dramatically. For example, if on average you have to run your dryer for 25% longer than normal, then your dryer will breakdown 25% quicker. Save money with dryer vent cleaning!


A Clean Dryer Vent Can SAVE YOUR LIFE


Dryer vents cause hundreds of house fires a year. Many of the victims to dryer vent house fires didn't even think of their dryer as being a safety hazard and as a result their dryer vents were never cleaned. These horrible house fires, causing million of dollars worth of damage each year, don't have to happen. They can easily be prevented by simply having a professional company come out and clean your dryer vent.




A Recent Dryer Vent Cleaning Midwest Did.

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