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Odor Removal

Pet Odor Removal

If you have pets then you know about odor!


Our customers love their pets but want to find a way to live without the odor that goes with them.


MidWest is dedicated to helping pet owners deal with the smell that comes from Pet Odor.


Pet odor removal takes knowledge of what causes the odors and how to properly remove them.


The most common mistake that people make when trying to deal with pet odor issues is trying to use a fragrance to cover up the smell.


The chemistry of pet odor is too strong to just be covered by a simple spray.


When a pet urinates on the carpet the majority of the urine salts pass through the carpet into the padding and concrete flooring. Carpet cleaning alone cannot remove this type of pet odor and why most cleaners fail at giving homeowners true pet odor removal.

MidWest employs this type of cleaning to remove pet odors from your home.If your carpet cleaning company is not taking care of your pet odors this way, they are not taking care of your pet odors!


Having your carpet cleaned and even sprayed with a pet deodorizer will not accomplish the job of removing pet odors that have reached your padding.


The fragrance will eventually fade and the pet salts will continue to smell.


Pets also have a habit of marking their territory again and again, and by removing the odor your pets will not seek that spot again.


Call MidWest Today for an appointment, so we can get the pet odor removed, and you can get back to loving your pet again.

The chemical make- up of pet urine is so strong that it cannot be just cleaned out of your home.


There are two ways to remove pet odor.


One is to use bonding agents to alter the chemical make- up of pet urine and the other is to use enzymes that actually “eat” pet salts.


Either way you choose, direct contact has to be made with the urine salts to change their physical make up.


Many people look online for pet odor removal home remedies only to be duped by another pet odor removal recipe which leaves you with the pet odor, but now adds the wonderful smell of vinegar or what- ever else is included in the concoction.


There are different processes used in pet odor removal from carpet and pet odor removal from concrete. Even though the tactics are different the fact remains that only by changing the chemical make- up of the urine can you remove it.


When dealing with pet smells dog urine odor removal is usually much easier than cat urine odor removal because of the difference of the animals.


Cats are desert creatures and their bodies handle water differently than a dog so cat urine is typically much more difficult to remove.


In the diagram below you can see the proper way to perform pet odor removal.




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